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Are you planning to move soon, but the moving budget is already strained? There may be some ways you can save money and make some room in that budget. Here are a few ideas for cutting costs while you make the transition to a new home.

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If you're like many people in this country, then you've likely considered moving to the East Coast. After all, why wouldn't you? This area is filled with endless beauty and is a great place to raise your family.

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At 495 Movers, we specialize in anything and everything that has to do with relocation. Since 2009, our team of professional movers has helped thousands of families move to new homes all over the world and have seen our fair share of separations between friends, family members, and loved ones.

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There’s no other season more exhilarating, inspiring, and uplifting than the springtime. Birds fly back in from their Southern vacations, the bees buzz and flowers are in bloom, and the hours of the day are longer and brighter than in winter.

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We’ve heard it time and time again from movers. They think because they’re moving locally that they can do it all themselves, but it doesn’t take long to realize just how much goes into a move. The next time they’re ready to move into a new home, they make sure to call our local moving company.

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A move can be very stressful, but there are ways to make it less so.  Some people don’t use any rhyme or reason when packing, and that can lead to chaos at the old home and when you’re trying to get settled in the new place.

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