At 495 Movers, we specialize in anything and everything that has to do with relocation. Since 2009, our team of professional movers has helped thousands of families move to new homes all over the world and have seen our fair share of separations between friends, family members, and loved ones. Giving a going-away gift to someone that’s moving certainly isn’t required, but it is always a nice and thoughtful gesture that shows that you care. 

In this blog, our moving and storage experts from 495 Movers will share some of our favorite going-away gift ideas for the special ones in your life that are relocating.

What to Give to Someone That’s Going Away 

Whether it’s a co-worker, a neighbor, a family member, or just a close friend, it can be tough to say goodbye to someone that’s planning a long-distance moving project. However, giving a going-away present to someone that’s leaving is a nice and thoughtful touch that they’ll be sure to appreciate and remember you for. 

If you’re going to a going away party, hoping to help with their moving experience, or simply wanting to give them something to remember you by, take a look at these ideas from 495 Movers.

  • An Address Book: It might seem old-school, but an address book filled with contact information from everyone they know is a great idea. This could be a good gift for a co-worker or classmate who is leaving, just make sure to have everyone who wants to keep in touch fill it in with their name, phone number, email addresses, and social media usernames beforehand.
  • Frozen Dinners and Meal Tickets: Moving is hard work, and finding time to cook a meal can be next to impossible. Giving them the gift of a meal is a great idea for someone that’s in the process of moving. You can either take them a frozen dinner (lasagnas or pizzas are usually a very welcome choice), or prepare a homecooked meal yourself and have them over for dinner. Another idea is to give them a gift card to a restaurant in the city they’re moving into, so that they can use it to enjoy a stress-free dinner as they settle in.

  • Photos: Most people have plenty of pictures on their phones that they might never share with the people that are in them. If you have pictures of them that you think they’d like to see, have them framed, make a scrapbook, or create an online album and pass them along.
  • Help Them Pack: If you’re close with the person, offer to help them pack—or to help them watch their pets or children while they’re packing. Packing can take quite a while, and most people will be very grateful for an extra willing hand to get it all done. 
  • Check Groupon: The best way to get to know a new city is to explore it. An amazing gift idea for someone moving away is a gift card or voucher for an experience in their new city or town. Check Groupon for great deals in their area on whatever they love to do. For example, consider hiking tours, city biking excursions, museum entrance tickets, or even salon services to help them get to know the new area they’re living in. 
  • Plants: Plants can be difficult to move, so if you’re giving a plant to someone make sure it's small, easy to care for, and can survive a potentially long journey by way of a moving vehicle. While they’re not the easiest gift to give on this list, plants can be an incredible and lasting gift to give to someone that will allow them to remember you for years.
  • Sage: Sage smudging is said to sweep away negative vibes and bad energies, which can be quite useful when moving into a new home. You can find beautiful sage smudging kits on Amazon, Walmart, or in any New Age shop.
  • A Housewarming Kit: Get them ready to settle into their new home with a housewarming kit that has all the essentials. Toilet paper, tissues, snacks, air fresheners, a soft, warm blanket, candles, and other goods are great ideas to include in the kit.
  • Scented Candles: Custom scented candles in aromas that remind them of home are a popular going-away gift idea. Think of trees that are native to your city or town, or aromatic plants like honeysuckle or gardenias that they may have in their garden. 
  • Target and Home Depot Gift Cards: Moving into a new home usually means home improvement projects and home essentials to buy. If you’re stuck on creative ideas and want to give them something they’re sure to use and appreciate, gift cards from Target, Home Depot, and other home-focused stores can be excellent options.

Make Moving Easier with 495 Movers

Whether you’re the one relocating or seeing someone you care about move away, relocation can be tough. That’s why our moving company is here to help make the process of relocation a lot easier and less stressful, and to give our customers the chance to focus on more important things—like saying goodbye to the people they’re leaving behind. 

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