Moving on a Budget

Are you planning to move soon, but the moving budget is already strained? There may be some ways you can save money and make some room in that budget. Here are a few ideas for cutting costs while you make the transition to a new home.

Compare Multiple Free Moving Estimates

Before you even sign a contract with a professional mover, take the time to get estimates from multiple moving and storage companies. Many movers in the Virginia, Maryland, and Greater Washington D.C. areas offer free moving assessments with quotes for residential relocations. However, be cautious of the lowest bidder for the job before an on-site estimate is performed. This will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Additionally, when comparing quotes, ask for an itemized bill to guarantee the final quote encompasses all fees - labor, supplies, distance traveled, and more. 

Downsizing Your Home

Reduce Your Household Size

โ€‹Long-distance moving companies determine the cost of most moves by the estimated weight or volume of a customer's belongings. If you can reduce the size of your household enough, you'll be able to save money on reduced moving costs. You can sort through your belongings and throw out damaged and very worn pieces. You can also donate a lot of items. Or, even have a yard sale to let go of some things while bringing in some extra cash.

Move in Winter

Professional movers tend to lower their rates during the slowest time of the year. Winter isn't the most pleasant time for a move, but you can secure much better rates and have more flexibility when scheduling packing and moving appointments. If winter isn't an option, you can still save some money and hassle by choosing an early spring or late fall move.

495 Packing Boxes

Consider DIY Packing

A full-service mover can relieve a lot of stress for those who are short on time and energy. However, it does cost more to add packing and unpacking services to your moving plan. If you can spare the time for it, DIYing your packing and solely paying for transportation can significantly reduce moving expenses.

Creatively Source Packing Boxes

With 495 Movers, we offer complimentary packing supplies for every move, including various box sizes, wrapping paper, tape, and more. You can also save by sourcing your packing materials more creatively. You can find gently used cardboard boxes at many grocery stores. Aldi and Sam's Club are both known for having a lot of extra boxes available for customers to use. Simply go and ask if you can have some for your move. 

Other ways of packing economically, include putting items in any reusable cloth grocery bags you have on hand. Or, placing items in pillowcases and laundry hampers. You can also wrap more delicate items with your household linens and towels to protect them during transit.

495 Movers

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