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Martinsburg Storage Options

We all have a lot of stuff—the average American household contains 300,000 items! And did you know that one in ten households rents a storage unit? There are all kinds of reasons that people need the extra space. Moving, remodeling, selling a home, seasonal storage, and inheriting extra furniture are just a few of the reasons that many families need some extra storage space.

At 495 Movers, our moving and storage company can provide flexible short- or long-term storage solutions in the Washington DC area that fit your needs. Our storage services are flexible and appropriate for residential and commercial needs. Our facilities are secure, spacious, and climate-controlled.

We Make it Easy to Choose a Reputable Martinsburg Storage Company

With more than a decade in the moving industry, we know firsthand how stressful it can be trying to line dates up when you’re selling and buying. And what the heck are you supposed to do with your family’s heirloom furniture when you’re on military deployment? As a leading moving and storage company in Virginia, we answer these questions often.

You can use our storage services for:

  • Short-Term Storage: Stash your whole truckload of belongings for a few weeks while you are waiting for your new home to be ready.
  • Long-Term Storage: Securely store valuable pieces while you’re overseas.
  • Residential Storage: Temporarily store your personal items while you’re trying to stage and sell a home or remodel your current home.
  • Commercial Storage: Take advantage of storage space for extra equipment or office furniture.
  • Seasonal Storage: Get more space to keep your Christmas trees and holiday décor.

Get More than You Bargained for with Storage and Moving in One

Our Martinsburg moving and storage company has all the services that you need. Our team of professional movers can provide custom crating, transportation, and storage of large and fragile items that you need to keep ahold of but don’t have room for in your current home. If you’re moving and our warehouse is just a pit-stop for your stuff, we’re all under one roof so there is no third party to muck things up.

Learn More About Our Safe, Secure Martinsburg Storage Options

Sure, some people choose to use their garage for storage. But if you prefer to park in yours then 495 Movers can provide a convenient and affordable alternative. Our safe and secure warehouse near Martinsburg provides ample storage space for your stuff. Our facilities are monitored with video surveillance and state-of-the-art alarm systems and outfitted with appropriate fire alarm and suppression systems. Our team is always around to keep your stuff safe. Call to get an estimate for your storage needs.