What We Offer?

A variety of box sizes: From wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes to sturdy boxes perfect for books and dishes, they have the right size for every item.

Packing tape: This seemingly simple item plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe transport of your belongings. It’s essential to use packing tape to ensure your items are properly packed and protected throughout your move.

Packing Paper: Protect your fragile belongings with packing paper. Wrap dishes, glassware, picture frames, or other delicate items in packing paper to create a soft cushion that absorbs shock during transport.

Stretch Wrap: Keep furniture, appliances, and drawers secure during transport. This strong, elastic acts like a protective shield for furniture, prevents appliances from shifting, and keeps drawers and cabinet doors securely shut.

Convenience at Your Doorstep (or Pick Up)

Available for pick up or delivery, their free packing supplies offer both convenience and cost savings! By providing these essentials free of charge, 495 Movers help you save a significant amount of money on your move. Imagine the difference – instead of budgeting hundreds on packing supplies, you can use those savings for other moving expenses or invest in making your new place feel like home. Plus, skip the hassle of extra shopping trips – 495 Movers can deliver the packing supplies right to you.