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Moving to or from Manassas can take a lot of planning, preparation, and physical labor—or it can require none at all! The difference all comes down to the Manassas interstate movers you choose. By going with 495 Movers Inc., you’ll get the comfortable relocation experience you deserve—with none of the stress, worry, or work of doing it yourself.

Let us tell you.

As an AMSA ProMover and experienced independent moving company, we have the resources and staff required to handle your move from door to door! Whether you’re a local business, a large government agency, or a growing young family, we’ll work with you to create the most affordable and hassle-free relocation.

For every type of moving project, our Manassas interstate movers provide:

  • 10+ Years of Professional Experience
  • BBB-Accredited Customer Service
  • Simplified Upfront Pricing That Includes Labor and Materials
  • Customized Moving Plans with Free Consultations
  • Full-Service, Fragile-Only, or DIY Packing Options
  • Custom Crating and Rigging Services
  • GSA-Certified Teams for Government and Military Moves
  • And Even More!

Your Trusted Moving and Storage Company in Manassas

Since 2009, 495 Movers has been the go-to team for both commercial and residential moving in Manassas. Unlike many other interstate moving companies, we hold our staff to a standard of excellence that’s hard to surpass including comprehensive background checks, regular drug and driving tests, and technical training that goes well beyond the industry standard.

The end result?

All of our clients are guaranteed the high-quality moves they deserve! No matter what kind of relocation you happen to be making, we sure to have the service you need:

  • Household Moving: Our residential moving experts offer customized plans to simplify your move across any distance.
  • Commercial Moving: From computer and furniture moving to corporate relocations and local deliveries, we’re so much more than typical office movers in Manassas!
  • Government Moving: We maintain GSA certification so that our clients can get code-compliant moving services without having to worry about the details themselves.
  • Storage: As the local storage company of choice for critical government agencies as well as major TV networks, 495 Movers provides safe and secure facilities for items of any size.

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If you’re crossing state lines, go with a Virginia moving company that’s offered exceptional interstate moving services since 2009. Just call 495 Movers today to find out more, or fill out our simple online form now to grab your free, all-inclusive, upfront quote!