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Ilchester Intrastate Movers

Even a move just a short distance away requires all of your items to be packed, transported, and unpacked in a new space. The smallest distance can still make the moving process a hassle. 495 Movers are intrastate movers that step in and take the burden out of moving. We offer full-service relocation options that cover all your bases, from gathering up your belongings to helping you open the last box in your new location.

Since 2009, our customers have come to us for moving guidance because they know we are a top name in the business. With over 200 5-star reviews, we’ve made a name for ourselves in the moving field. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, we can save you the headache that usually comes with moving!

Professional Short and Long-Distance Movers

We cover all aspects of moving, as we aren’t just short-distance movers but long-distance movers as well. Whether your intrastate move is just across the county or to the opposite side of the state, we can help your transition go smoothly. We’ve helped thousands of customers with their moves over the last two decades, and our high reviews are proof of our excellent customer satisfaction.

Dependable Business Movers

We’re dependable business movers who understand the importance of having your business back and up and running as quickly as possible after a transition. We keep your intrastate move as simple as possible, using our proven methods to carefully transport your items in protective packaging like bubble wrap and shrink wrap so that you don’t have to deal with the inconvenience (or cost) of damaged supplies.

Our office movers will meticulously load your items so that they don’t shift while on the road. Additionally, our experienced and professional drivers know the area well, so they know the best routes to take while transporting your items. You’ll have your new business space set up and functional without delays.

Climate-Controlled Storage

In addition to our general moving services, we offer storage options that are convenient for those necessary but rarely needed supplies or bulky furniture that you only need on occasion. Our storage facilities are top-of-the-line due to their protective features, including:

  • Climate-Controlled Environment: You’ll never have to worry about your items becoming weathered or warped due to excessive heat. You also won’t have to worry about humidity causing mold-growth, as our facilities are protected from the natural elements.
  • Theft Alarms: Your items will be in a storage space that is equipped with theft alarms. This means that in the unlikely event of a security threat, an alarm will sound that immediately signals an emergency to our staff.
  • Fire Alarms: Our storage facility is also protected by fire alarms. A fire alarm is one of our essential measures we take when protecting stored items, as we will be able to respond without hesitation to a fire emergency in the area.

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495 Movers are convenient and affordable movers in Ilchester. It’s no mystery why we’ve been able to serve so many customers and garner rave reviews in the process. Don’t hesitate to call us, and we will help make your next move as enjoyable as possible with our reliable moving company!