Moving From Washington DC to Atlanta

Thinking about relocating to another city? The cost of living and population density of Washington, D.C. have led many residents to leave in search of a new home. One spot that is drawing attention is Atlanta, GA – a bustling metroplex with lots of new projects and interesting local retailers and food vendors. There is a lot about Atlanta that appeals to Millennials and younger groups.

What is Moving to Atlanta Like?

Also known as the Big Peach, those living in Atlanta, GA are well-familiar with the city’s warm climate and friendly residents. The ATL is the embodiment of Southern Charm with a nod and a hello just about everywhere you go. So, be prepared to engage in a lot of small talk with other residents if you move to Atlanta.

When you relocate to Atlanta from Washington, D.C. you’ll also enjoy a lot of great food. There is a push towards buying locally so many restaurants are incorporating fresh vegetables and fruits from area farms. Atlanta BBQ is also a thing to behold. Most BBQ places serve chopped pork, ribs, and chicken slathered in a red, tomato-based sauce. It varies in heat and sweetness from restaurant to restaurant.

Southern comfort foods are still the most popular though. You’ll see local restaurants serving grits, fried chicken, cooked greens, and plenty of cornbread. One meal you’ll see a lot of is the classic “meat and three,” which is a choice of a meat course and three side dishes.

As one of the least densely populated cities in the US, Atlanta has about 500,000 residents and roughly 3,500 people per sq. mi. That’s much less than the nearly 11,000 people per sq. mi in Washington, D.C. However, Atlanta gets a fair number of tourists and outside visitors per year, over 50 million people, which does make the city seem more crowded.

Benefits of Moving from Washington, D.C. to Atlanta

Besides the great food and culture of the South, there are other benefits of moving from Washington, D.C. to Atlanta. As one of the larger Southern cities, Atlanta has a strong and diverse economy. It also boasts a number of

  • Local Scenery – You can spend time camping and hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountain chain about an hour outside of downtown. It’s one of the oldest mountain chains in the country.
  • Strong Economy – Atlanta ranks as one of the top cities where Fortune 500 Companies are Headquartered. Workers can find positions with companies like Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Newell Rubbermaid, and Home Depot.
  • Less Expensive – According to BestPlaces , Atlanta, GA is 27.4% cheaper than Washington, D.C. Of particular note, housing is over 50% less expensive in Atlanta.

Washington, D.C. to Atlanta Movers

The long-distance moving process is no joke. Those who have made a major relocation in the past know that it’s a challenge to keep your move organized and on schedule. Not to mention all of the hard work that’s involved in packing and transporting your belongings.

Professional movers really can ease the transition from Washington, D.C. to Atlanta. Many moving companies have staff trained in several areas, like move consultants, packers, movers, and CDL drivers. An entire team of specialists works together to smoothly transition you to a new home.

Why 495 Movers are the Best Washington, D.C. to Atlanta Moving Company

While there are several moving and storage companies in the tristate area, you might want to consider hiring 495 movers to take your belongings to Atlanta. We’re one of the few independent local moving companies in Washington, D.C., which means we have a lot more flexibility in the services we offer and our pricing formula. Our team will work with you to create a moving plan that features only the services you want and need, within your budget.

You’ll receive several added features and amenities with us too:

  • One-Time All-Inclusive Moving Fee
  • BBB-Accredited & ProMover Certified Experts
  • Full-Packing & Unpacking Services
  • Short- or Long-Term Storage
  • Insurance Valuation Coverage
  • Vehicle Shipping Services
  • Furniture, Floor, & Doorway Protection

Washington, D.C. to Atlanta Moving Cost

You may be wondering how much it will cost to move from Washington, D.C. to Atlanta. It’s hard to put an exact price on moving costs as every relocation is unique. There are several factors that can affect the price of your relocation, including:

  • How Soon You Plan to Move
  • What Time of Year You Move
  • The Size of Your Household
  • Additional Services, Like Packing
  • The Number of Movers Needed
  • How Many Hours Involved
  • Current Fuel Costs

That doesn’t mean you can’t get a ballpark idea of how much your move from Washington, D.C. to Atlanta will cost. According to MoveBuddha, professional movers will cost between $2,450 to $5,120. If you want to self-pack and rent a truck to drive out to Atlanta, you’ll only pay between $934 to $1,234.

Washington, D.C. to Atlanta Distance & Travel Tips

When you are moving to Atlanta from Washington, D.C. you won’t have as far to go as some other long-distance relocations. But the distance is still a challenge. Atlanta is 638.3 mi from Washington, D.C. You’ll have to cross multiple states in a roughly 9-hour trip.

Before relocating to Atlanta, consider these travel tips to make the process easier:

  • Consider gathering your valuables and personal items to take on the road, instead of leaving in the care of your movers.
  • Make sure to fill a folder or large envelope with your personal papers to take with you, like birth certificates, insurance, and car registration.
  • If you have a pet, take them on a few short road trips before your big move. This helps your pet get used to being in the car.
  • Pack a “First Day” box for each family member with essentials to help make settling into the new home easier. These items can include spare clothing, hygiene products, snacks, and games.

Find Out More About a Move from Washington, D.C. to Atlanta

You don’t have to live with the uncertainty of how much a long-distance move to Atlanta may cost. Just reach out to 495 Movers about a free cost estimate for you relocation. Give our moving company a call or fill out our online form and we’ll get back to you about setting up an appointment as soon as possible.