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The East Coast life is where it’s at for many people in the United States. Atlantic City, NJ is as close to the Atlantic Ocean as you can get as it’s located on a barrier island and boasts a miles long boardwalk. If you love spending time on the water or enjoying vibrant tourist areas, this is the city for you.

Let’s find out more about what’s in store for those who want to move from Washington, D.C. to Atlantic City.

What is Moving to Atlantic City Like?

Living in Atlantic City is a bit like having both a small town and big city vibe all at once. While few people live in the city proper (population 37,793) this seaside resort community welcomes over twenty-seven million visitors a year.

Atlantic City has an iconic boardwalk that runs almost the entire length of the coast providing over 4 mi. of entertainment, food, gambling and more. Many businesses and restaurants have set up shop along the boardwalk, so it has become a big draw for visitors.

This coastal city is also rich and diverse in culture. According to, the city is 36% black, 32% white, 30% Hispanic or Latino, and 18% Asian. Restaurants in Atlantic City cater to the diversity of customers with a wide range of food choices. You’ll find many commercial brands, such as Hard Rock Cafe and Margaritaville, as well as local favorites, such as the White House Sub Shop, Capriccio's Italian restaurant, and Pancho’s Mexican Taqueria.

Benefits of Moving from Washington, D.C. to Atlantic City

Atlantic City is well-placed on the East Coast. It is close enough to New York City to commute for work, as well as just being a day trip away from Washington, D.C. So, if you have a job in one of the areas surrounding Atlantic City but only have to go in a few days a week, it’s a great location.

More than that, Atlantic City boasts:

  • Lower Cost of Living – According to BestPlaces, Atlantic City is 44.5% cheaper than Washington, D.C. On average, housing is a whopping 85% less expensive than in the Nation’s Capital.
  • Fewer People – Washington, D.C. has a high population density of about 11,000 people per sq. mi, compared to roughly 3,500 people per sq. mi in Atlantic City.
  • Free Beaches – If you love spending time by the water, you can do so with less expense as the Atlantic City Beach is free year-round.

Washington, D.C. to Atlantic City Movers

Relocating to Atlantic City from Washington, D.C. is a big project. You’ll be crossing state lines and dealing with some heavy traffic along the way. If your move is complex or requires extra services, like, residential storage, that just increases the challenge. Professional movers can make the long-distance moving process easier by taking some of the strain off your shoulders.

There are added benefits to hiring a moving company for your relocation. With the right team you can relax and let them take care of:

  • Heavy lifting and Bending
  • Insurance Coverage for Antiques & Artwork
  • Hiring ProMover Certified Packers and Movers
  • Hiring CDL Drivers to Transport Your Belongings
  • Keeping Track of Your Moving Schedule and Appointments

Why 495 Movers Are the Best Washington, D.C. to Atlantic City Moving Company

For a well-organized and budget-friendly relocation, turn to 495 Movers. We are a BBB-accredited moving and storage company based in the tristate area of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. but we provide long-distance moving services to take you anywhere in the country and beyond.

495 Movers takes pride in helping customers with unique moving challenges. Our team can provide senior moving services to transition an elderly relative to their new home. We also provide fragile-only packing services for your valuables and antiques. You can even ask us about our junk removal services when dealing with an overstuffed household!

Washington, D.C. to Atlantic City Moving Cost

No matter your choice for a moving company, it’s important to be aware of the cost of relocating from Washington, D.C. to Atlantic City, NJ. If you hire full-service movers to take care of the transition, you could spend anywhere from roughly $1,500 to $3,000 per MoveBuddha. If you plan to rent a truck for a DIY move the cost is drastically less at around $300 to $450.

There are many other factors that can impact the cost of your relocation, such as:

  • When You Move
  • The Urgency of Your Move
  • Size of Your Household
  • Number of Movers Needed
  • Extra Services Required
  • Gas Costs

Washington, D.C. to Atlantic City Distance & Travel Tips

If you decide to make the move to Atlantic City know that you’ll be traveling across 190 miles of roadway to get to the coast. The trip should take about three hours by road. There do not appear to be any direct flights to Atlantic City International Airport from Washington, D.C. Although, you can catch a bus or use the Amtrak to get there if you don’t want to drive the route.

However you choose to make the journey from Washington, D.C. to Atlantic City you might want to remember the following tips:

  • Schedule the utilities to be turned on at your new home before you arrive.
  • Don’t forget to bring along your personal papers and documentation.
  • Find out if your pet is allowed on the bus or train, if traveling this way.
  • Consider packing a “First Day” box with essentials, like snacks, hygiene products, and spare clothing.

Ask About a Free Moving Estimate with 495 Movers

You can have a quick and stress-free relocation with 495 Movers. Contact our professional movers about arranging a free cost estimate to relocate from Washington, D.C. to Atlantic City, NJ. Just give us a call to speak with a friendly representative right away.