Moving to Arkansas

Southern hospitality and a mild climate await those who are planning to move to Arkansas from Washington, D.C. It’s a beautiful state with a low cost of living and a relaxed commute for residents.

Not to mention, there are loads of outdoor activities to participate in like boating, hiking, and big family BBQs. You’ll also be able to take in the nightlife in Scottsdale, Little Rock, and Eureka Springs where there are small bars with live bands, theaters, and dance clubs.

Of course, there’s so much more to know about living in Arkansas and the long-distance moving process.

What is Moving to Arkansas Like?

Despite being an inland state, Arkansas has a lot of water for people to play around in. The state is practically riddled with rivers, lakes, and hot springs that all the locals know about and use regularly. In fact, the Mississippi River borders the entire right side of the state. This state has a strong river-going history and continues to thoroughly enjoy the practice today.

If you have lived in Washington, D.C. for any length of time you’ll know that there are thousands of people here per sq. mi. So, it’s a busy place. But Arkansas has a slower pace of life with just fifty-one people per sq. mi. Even the biggest city in the state, Little Rock only has a population of about 198,067 people.

You’ll also enjoy the warmer temperatures compared to life on the East Coast. The average winter temperatures in Arkansas are in the mid-forties during the day and the average summer temperatures are in the 90s. Even if you aren’t a fan of the water, those lakes and rivers will start looking very inviting in summer.

Benefits of Moving from Washington, D.C. to Arkansas

Arkansas is a very affordable part of the country, and it offers attractive scenery and parts where people can relax, camp, or take part in activities. But let’s get down to some specific benefits of moving from Washington, D.C. to Arkansas.

  • Low Crime Rate – Per NeighbourhoodScout, Washington, D.C. has an average crime rate of sixty incidents per 1,000 people, while Arkansas’ average violent crime rate was just 6.76 incidents per 1,000 people.
  • Low Cost of Living – It’s expensive to live in Washington, D.C. but Arkansas is extremely affordable in comparison. For instance, BestPlaces states that Little Rock, AR is about 46% less expensive than the US’s capital city.
  • Short Commute Times – Despite being a large state, everything is well-spread out and traffic isn’t bad. The average commute time in AR is just 21 minutes per TitleMax.

Washington, D.C. to Arkansas Movers

Let’s face it – a long-distance move can be very stressful to complete by yourself. No one wants the hassle of arranging shipping or attempting to drive a moving truck without training or experience. You can avoid these issues by investing in a quality moving company to help with your transition.

The right team can handle moves of all scopes and sizes from a simple studio relocation to an emotionally fraught senior move. Plus, you’ll also enjoy additional benefits from hiring licensed moving experts like:

  • Someone else to do the heavy lifting
  • Ease the stress of managing a move
  • Have a professional move consultant
  • Option to add extra valuation coverage
  • CDL drivers transport your goods
  • Help with packing and unpacking

Why 495 Movers Are the Best Washington, D.C. to Arkansas Moving Company?

Since you are starting out in the Washington, D.C. area it makes sense to find moving and storage experts here who have the ability to carry out your long-distance relocation. The best team for the job is 495 Movers.

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Washington, D.C. to Arkansas Moving Cost

Since there are many factors that can affect the cost of your move, it’s a good idea to consider a few different options when preparing for a relocation. The best option is hiring professional movers who provide a full-service move. However, moving companies will cost anywhere from roughly $3,000 to $7,000 to move from Washington, D.C. to Arkansas.

If you plan on self-packing your move and driving a moving truck out to Arkansas, you can still expect to pay between $900 to $1,300. You will also have additional food and lodging expenses to take care of during the trip.

Washington, D.C. to Arkansas Distance & Travel Tips

The move to Arkansas from Washington, D.C. is a multistate journey of about 990 mi. If you plan to drive your family out there, you will probably arrive in a couple of days’ travel. Those who want to catch a flight can expect it to last anywhere from a couple of hours non-stop to five or six hours with one layover.

Before making the move to Arkansas from Washington, D.C., it’s also a good idea to consider the following steps:

  • Find out exactly when your new home will be available so you can schedule delivery of your belongings after this date.
  • Pack a first day box with some essentials, like snacks, entertainment, and hygiene products, to take with you in the car.
  • If you plan on flying, find out what arrangements to make for your pets, i.e., bringing pets into the cabin or flying them in the cargo section.
  • Get the utilities set up for your new home so you won’t be left in the dark when you arrive at the property.

Get Started with a Free Estimate from 495 Movers

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