New year New move

Are you planning on moving around the holidays or New Year? Make sure your Maryland, Virginia, or Washington D.C. relocation goes as smoothly as possible with a little preparation for the move and your travels. Here are five tips plus one extra to help you get started.

Let Someone Else Host the Holiday Dinner

If you normally host friends and family for the holidays, you might want to have someone else do the job this year. Even if your home isn't fully packed up yet, you'll still be busy with the preparations for carrying out a residential move. There's simply no need to add extra stress to your life during a move so let someone do the holiday meal.

Check Busy Traffic Periods

Traffic is heavy around the holidays, especially the few days before and after Christmas or Easter. You can check traffic patterns and projected busy periods through traffic apps or Google Maps. This will help you avoid traffic jams and slow spots.

Don't Expect Movers to Work on Holidays!

Most professional movers don't work on holidays unless you are paying a lot extra in overtime. Just make sure to plan your move around the actual holiday, like Christmas Day. So, you and your moving company can enjoy the day off.

Get Locked-In Estimates

Try to get a written estimate if possible to lock in your quote. Movers offer lower rates during slow periods and raise their rates as the warmer season approaches. With a written estimate, your affordable moving and storage quote will be safe from seasonal adjustments.

Reserve Hotel Rooms & Book Tickets Well-In Advance

Holiday travelers also fill up hotels and airlines around this time of year too. Make sure you have a place to stay on a long road trip to your new home by reserving spots early. If you schedule these stays far enough out you can also find some good deals too.

Preparing for a Cold Weather Move

Often holiday seasons in the United States run from November through February which are our winter months. When you live on the East Coast, it also means dealing with plenty of cold, snowy weather. If you are planning on moving during this season, make sure your keep several tips in mind, like:

  • Taking your winter coats and outerwear with you in the car.
  • Prepare the car for driving on icy roads and in cold weather.
  • Check your planned route for delays due to traffic and bad weather.
  • Get an early start in case the trip takes longer than expected.​

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