Your long-anticipated moving day has finally arrived. You and your family are likely exploding with excitement thinking about what future possibilities await you at your new home. However, what happens in the case that you're not finished packing and your moving company is knocking on your door? It's completely understandable that you've had some life events get in the way and you're not fully ready to move. Sometimes, stuff just happens. When faced with this scenario, many homeowners would choose to panic, but this only makes the situation more stressful. It's important to remain calm and make calculated decisions about how you'd like to proceed with your residential move. Let's look at some of your options should you not be ready for your professional movers on the expected day.

Call Your Moving Company a Few Days Before to Reschedule

If packing has not been going as planned, and you know for sure that you are not going to be ready on moving day, it's highly recommended to call your moving and storage company directly. If you give enough notice, it's likely that they'll be able to reschedule your move without penalty. However, don't call the day before or the day of and expect this to happen. If you're able to notice that your readiness has been delayed ahead of time, it'll make the situation that much easier for all parties involved.

Get Some Help from Family and Friends

If you simply need a few extra hands to help get all of your packing done, don't be afraid to call your friends and family! Household moving is a big event and they'd likely be thrilled to help and honored that you thought of them. It always helps to give people notice ahead of time, but some of your most dedicated friends would likely be ready in a heartbeat. Neighbors can be a fantastic resource as well. With just a little extra help you should be able to get all of the packing done before your movers arrive.

Change Your Moving Terms

‚ÄčAlthough it will cost more money, you can change your moving contract ahead of time to get a little extra help and time. If you wait until the last minute, you'll likely accrue some unfortunate fees. Some options that are available to you include:

  • Full-Service Packing: Your team of movers can easily pack your entire house for you if you're willing to pay for it.
  • Multiple Delivery Days: You can separate your move into multiple days, allowing you to transport only the things that are ready
  • Storage Units: If all of your stuff is ready and packed, but your closing on your new house is delayed, you can keep your possession in storage until you're ready to call the moving team.

495 Movers is There for Your D.C. Family

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If you're not ready on move-in day, it's no big deal with 495 Movers. Call us today to get your free quote.