Are you planning on moving from Washington DC to Albany for work or personal reasons? You will likely be happy with your choice as Albany, NY is an excellent place to live. 

There is a lower cost of living, more natural recreation, and many higher education opportunities. If you are looking to make a move, you must learn some key things about your next destination. 

This article will cover what life is like in Albany and what difficulty is like when making a move.

What is Moving to Albany Like?

With New York City a short drive away, the differences between the bustling city and Albany are significant. When you make a move from Washington DC to Albany, you will notice this difference as well.

A large outdoor recreation and nightlife scene in Albany keeps the residents entertained. You will always find something to do in the New York capital, making for a great place to live.

Albany also has a diverse economy with numerous industries thriving in the area. Whether you work in tech or finance, you can find abundant career opportunities. 

Benefits of Moving from Washington DC to Albany

Low Cost of Living

Compared to Washington DC, living in Albany is less expensive for necessities like housing and groceries or food. With Washington DC having some of the highest rent prices in the country, moving to Albany will provide you with some stress relief as you pay less for basic expenses. 

Good Higher Education

Albany, NY, is filled with higher education institutions, with many of the residents being students. There are 7 colleges within the city and 28 located in the surrounding areas. If you or a family member plans on going to university, you have numerous options that you can use to receive an education. 

Short Commutes to Work

One of the underrated benefits of living in Albany is the short commute times within the city. If you are an Albany resident, you can enjoy an average commute of 18.6 minutes. Compared to the average commute of 30.3 minutes in Washington DC, this is a great benefit. 

Washington DC to Albany Movers

One of the best ways to ensure a smooth relocation process is by working with a professional Washington DC to Albany moving company. A moving and storage provider will provide the ideal relocation plan that makes moving your items to Albany an easy task. When working with a moving provider, you can receive these benefits: 

  • Professional Logistics Planning
  • Proper Packing and Unpacking
  • No Heavy Lifting or Hauling Items
  • Avoiding Driving Large Commercial Trucks

Why 495 Movers Are the Best Washington DC to Albany Moving Company

Since 2009, our team of professional movers has helped Washington DC residents relocate to their new homes. We take pride in delivering hassle-free long-distance moving services that give customers peace of mind they are in good hands. 

Our movers are experienced and maintain a professional attitude within your home. We handle your precious belongings with care and ensure they remain undamaged. 

Washington DC to Albany Moving Cost

Moving costs can differ depending on your unique circumstances, so the only way to learn about the costs of moving is after a consultation. At 495 Movers, we will learn about the specifics of the move to Albany and develop an accurate quote that you can use for budgeting.

Additionally, our residential moving quotes are completely free, and you can receive one by speaking with us over the phone or filling out the online quote form. Contact us today to receive a free quote! 

Washington DC to Albany Distance & Travel Tips

The distance from Washington DC to Albany is 363 miles or around 6 hours by car. As moving professionals, we will take care of the drive and allow you to settle into your new home. 

However, if you want a quick way to reach your destination, the best way is by taking a flight to Albany. While you enjoy your flight, our team will coordinate your move with excellence. 

Are you ready to start planning your move? Contact our moving and storage company today to speak with one of our relocation specialists.