If you like living in nature and experiencing a unique lifestyle, living in Alaska is a perfect choice. Alaska offers affordable housing, no state income tax, and great outdoor recreation. 

After you make a move from Washington DC to Alaska, you can enjoy a slower lifestyle that reduces stress and allows you to connect the nature. However, it's important you know the details about moving from Washington DC to Alaska. 

This article will cover what moving to Alaska is like and what to expect in your new home. 

What is Moving to Alaska Like?

If you are used to the lifestyle in Washington DC, you will be in for a large culture shock as you get used to the lifestyle in Alaska. A slower type of living will replace the fast-paced lifestyle of Washington DC. 

However, the slower lifestyle draws many to make a move from Washington DC to Alaska. You can experience the unique living of Alaska, with 24/7 sunlight during the summers and wildlife encounters. 

When living as an Alaska resident full-time, you will even receive dividend payments for living in the state. The Permanent Fund helps attract new residents and improve the growth of this state. 

Benefits of Moving from Washington DC to Alaska

If you are looking to move from Washington DC to Alaska, here are the biggest benefits. 

Affordable Real Estate

Washington DC has some of the highest housing costs in the country, so it's a relief that Alaska has affordable real estate costs. The median home price in Washington DC is 599.9k, and the median home price in Anchorage, AL, is 339k. If you want to purchase a home, living in Alaska can help you achieve that dream. 

Beautiful Nature 

When people think of Alaska, they often picture the beautiful landscapes that make up this state. There are numerous national parks with breathtaking wildlife. While walking through the parks, there is a good chance you will encounter wildlife that makes living in Alaska worth it. 

Relaxed Lifestyle

If you move from Washington DC to Alaska, you likely are looking to give up the chaotic lifestyle of the city and experience a calmer life. While you may not find the same nightlife experience in Alaska as in Washington DC, there are other places for entertainment within the state. 

Washington DC to Alaska Movers

A long-distance relocation like Washington DC to Alaska is a significant move that requires planning from an experienced team. Professional moving companies can develop a logistical plan to help make your move to Alaska as smooth as possible for you and your family. 

Some of the biggest benefits of working with a moving company are: 

  • Professional Packing Services
  • Damage-Free Relocations
  • No Extensive Delays
  • Storage Options

Why 495 Movers Are the Best Washington DC to Alaska Moving Company

Our professional movers at 495 Movers have provided top-rated long-distance moving services for Washington DC residents for over a decade. We help make your transition to Alaska hassle-free and ensure your items arrive safely. 

Our long-distance moving company has a team of experienced movers who strive to be courteous and respectful in your home. When you need a moving company, you can count on us. 

Washington DC to Alaska Moving Cost

While the move from Washington DC to Alaska is long-distance, there are other factors that go into determining the price of the relocation service. Our moving company provides free moving quotes that help you budget for your relocation. 

If you need a personalized quote, contact us today to speak with one of our moving specialists. Call us or fill out the online quote form on our website for a competitive relocation price. 

Washington DC to Alaska Distance & Travel Tips

The distance between Washington DC and Alaska is 4,243 miles or approximately nine hours by flight. If you want to drive to Alaska, it would take close to 71 hours. 

With a relocation this far, you need the help of our experienced movers for the job. We recommend taking a flight and letting our movers haul your items to your new Alaska home. 

Are you ready to move to Alaska? Contact our moving and storage company today to get started!