Moving from DC to Alabama

Are you considering making the move to Alabama? This state has southern roots and offers amazing benefits like low housing costs, great education opportunities, and warm weather. 

If you are looking to get away from the fast-paced lifestyle of Washington DC, moving to Alabama can become a place to relax. This state features beautiful Appalachian Mountain landscapes that make for the perfect relaxation spot. 

No matter the reason for your relocation, this article will cover what you can expect when making the move. 

What is Moving to Alabama Like? 

Alabama is a large state that has numerous cities throughout with different experiences. If you love city atmospheres, the largest city in Alabama is the city of Birmingham. 

While the city has over 1.1 million residents, there is still a unique southern charm about the city that you will love. There are friendly residents and lots of things to do throughout the city. 

If you are looking to settle down outside of a large city, there are dozens of options throughout Alabama for you to choose from. Each city has its special features, so it's best to research which city sounds best to you.  

Benefits of Moving From Washington DC to Alabama

If you are curious why Washington DC residents move to Alabama, here are a few reasons

Reduced Cost of Living

No matter what city you live in Alabama, they will be significantly less than Washington DC. When you live in Washington DC, you need to deal with record-breaking housing costs that can place stress on you and your family. The cost of housing in a location like Huntsville, AL is 72.5% cheaper than in Washington DC. 

Better Educational Opportunities

Alabama is known for its educational institutions, with top universities like The University of Alabama and Auburn located within the state. If you have children reaching college age, these schools are an excellent choice that has a lot of history behind it. 

Beaches Nearby

Along with the beautiful mountain ranges, you have access to 60 miles of beaches along the Gulf Coast. If you live in a nearby city, you can spend your weekends visiting the many beaches. One of the most popular beaches is Orange Beach, with beautiful white sands and a big water sports scene. 

Washington DC to Alabama Movers

If you want to have a stress-free relocation to Alabama, you need the help of an experienced moving and storage company. A professional moving company will know the steps to ensure you have a smooth relocation and a warm welcome to your new Alabama home. 

When you work with a top-rated moving company, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Expert Planning
  • Full-Service Storage Options For Items
  • Protection For Your Property
  • No Hauling Heavy Boxes

Why 495 Movers Are The Best Washington DC to Alabama Movers

When you need dependable moving services, our team at 495 Movers works to be the trusted choice. Since our start in 2009, we have completed hundreds of relocations for Washington DC residents. 

If you want to put your move to Alabama in the hands of professional movers, we are the company for you. Our team strives to make your move as stress-free as possible. 

Washington DC to Alabama Moving Cost

The cost of your Washington DC to Alabama move will depend on various factors, such as the number of boxes and the level of service you need for the move. Fortunately, our team provides free accurate estimates for your move.

We will speak with you, learn your move details, and deliver a personalized quote for the job. Call us today or fill out the online quote form on the website. 

Washington DC to Alabama Distance & Travel Tips

The distance between Washington DC and Alabama is 839 miles, or around 12 hours and 45 minutes driving by car. This distance is pretty significant, and our moving company will take the burden of hauling your items this far. 

If you don't want to make the drive, taking a flight from Washington DC is an affordable option as Washington DC has a large airport with frequent flights.

Are you looking to make a move from Washington DC to Alabama? Let our long-distance moving company make your move an easy process.