Moving and Storage

Have you ever heard of decluttering? This is one thing you should do when it’s time to pack and move to a new location. You will have to emotionally detach yourself from items that hold little to no value and let them go because professional moving companies charge their clients based on the weight of their shipment and miles traveled.

You need to spend wisely when moving because you are relocating to a new environment where you don’t know your way around yet. So you need to have enough money to help you settle in within the first few months after your move. This is why you need to cut moving costs by reducing the items you move with you to your new home.

Here are some items you need to sell off, donate, or give out to family and friends when moving to a new location:

Old or Bulky Furniture

You don’t have to move all your furniture with you. The essential or precious ones should be moved while the old or unused ones can be sold off, given out, or donated to those who need them. Ensure that any furniture being moved by your moving company are not furniture that will be replaced eventually.

Large and Delicate items

Some items are quite tough to move because they are large or delicate. These items have to be moved with care. So, you have to notify your moving and storage company and make special arrangements with them on how to move items like delicate glass and ornaments, large musical instruments, etc.

Old or Unused Appliances

If you have extra appliances or old ones which you could do without in your new location, it is better you leave them behind so they don’t make your move more stressful for you and your professional movers. You can sell these appliances to a local dealer, your former landlord, home buyers, neighbors etc. Also, moving old appliances is not safe because they could get broken during the journey, which is why it’s better you sell them off or donate them to charity.

Old and Worn-Out Mattresses

Normally, mattresses should be changed after eight years of use. You definitely do not need old and worn-out mattresses with you in your new home. You can easily get a new one in your new location, and some brands will have the mattresses delivered the day you get to your new home. So you wouldn’t have to worry about where to lay your head on arrival at your new home.

Unworn or Outgrown Clothes

One of the things you can give out is unworn or outgrown clothes. Making a move is a great opportunity to rid your wardrobe of clothes you don’t need. Donate them or sell them off. This way, you can get some extra money. And you can decide to give them out to close family members rather than selling them off.

Old or Unused Toys and Play Furniture

Your chosen long-distance moving company does not need to pack toys that are no longer useful to your children or toys they have lost interest in. You can sell them off or donate them to charity so that children who cannot afford to buy a toy can enjoy the luxury of owning one.

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