Moving Day Stress

Most people don’t move very often, so they aren’t aware of best practices that will help them avoid some of the most common moving-day mistakes. On the other hand, 495 Movers has more than a decade of industry experience, and we help our customers enjoy hassle-free moves by providing reliable services and helpful tips to make their relocation easier.

Now, our highly-reviewed movers share some of the biggest moving mistakes and how you can avoid them as you plan your relocation.

Not Planning Ahead

Even if you hire full-service relocation services, there are still things you’ll need to do to get ready for the movers. Things will go much more smoothly once the movers arrive if the home is tidy and your belongings are somewhat organized. Take time as your moving day approaches to get things in order, so you’ll enjoy a smoother pack-out day.

Not Making Arrangements for Pets and Kids

It doesn’t matter how well-behaved your pets and kids may be; making arrangements for them is a must. The flurry of activity can change the behavior of even a very docile dog. Many cats have run off when a mover left a door ajar—it’s just too much chaos for most pets. As for kids, sending them to a sitter will mean you won’t have to keep your eye on them, so you can focus on the tasks at hand.

Choosing the Wrong Moving Company

This is a biggie—and many people make the mistake of not doing any research about their moving company or of simply giving the job to the lowest bidder. Unfortunately, a few disreputable companies quote one price and then deliver a final invoice that is much higher. To avoid this, look at customer reviews and industry affiliations of any moving companies you’re considering.

For example, 495 Movers is a Certified ProMover and member of the American Moving and Storage Association, so we’re held to high standards when it comes to ethics and quality. We’ve also earned hundreds of perfect 5.0 reviews from past customers.

Failing to Downsize Before the Move

When moving to a new place, what is the point of bringing the jeans that haven’t fit you since high school or those kitchen appliances you never use? This is the perfect time to downsize, and doing so may help you save on moving costs and will make it easier to organize your new home.

Not Keeping Essentials on Hand

Another important consideration, especially during a long-distance move, is that you may not have access to your belongings for several days. Even in the case of an in-town move, it may be difficult to find things you need. That’s why it’s a good idea to pack a bag for each family member that includes essentials, such as a few changes of clothes, medications, pet food, leashes, phone chargers, toys or games for the kids, etc.… This will make your first night easier and will be a lifesaver if there is a delay in receiving your shipment.

If you’re planning a move, the team at 495 Movers will go the extra mile to deliver outstanding service from start to finish! Call today to learn more or fill out our online form now to schedule a free consultation with a moving specialist.