Long Distance Moving

Living close to your family can be convenient and contribute to your overall well-being. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. As your children grow older and begin to form families of their own, it can be difficult to keep everyone close. 

If you find yourself missing your children and/or grandchildren often, it may be time to consider a move. Although phones and video calls make it easier to communicate with loved ones, it’s not the same as being able to stop by for a visit. But the truth is, moving to your child’s city or neighborhood isn’t always ideal.

We’ve put together a list of pros and cons to moving closer to your family. Consider both the positive and negative aspects of moving before making a final destination. 


More Time Spent with Your Family

The obvious benefit to moving closer to your family is more time to spend with your loved ones. By living close to one another, it’s easier to plan family dinners, birthday parties, and other life events. You won’t have to worry about missing your grandchild’s recital if you only live 15 minutes away. 

New Opportunities

Moving to a new place means new opportunities—especially if it’s a bigger city. Whether it’s a more active social scene or better community services, a new location has the potential to enhance your quality of life. You may find that your money goes farther in certain regions as well. 

Stronger Support Network 

Moving can be uncomfortable if you’ve already established your roots somewhere else, but having your family with you makes it easier to adjust. Even if you’re completely unfamiliar with your new home, your family will be able to help you assimilate into your new neighborhood and show you around. 


Disrupted Work-Life Balance

Before moving across the country to be closer to your children’s family, it’s important to consider the lifestyle change that comes with this kind of move. Although being a parent or grandparent may be your most important role at the moment—that doesn’t mean it’s your only one. 

You want to make sure you’re able to tend to your own work schedule and social life as well. Moving closer to your family may impact your ability to maintain your job and/or friendships. 

Large Time & Financial Investment

Planning a move can be time-consuming and costly. Even if you’re moving a relatively short distance, you’re still going to have to set aside time, money, and energy to complete your move. Take into consideration all that is required to uproot your life from one place to another before deciding to relocate.

Less Work, Social, & Housing Options

In many ways moving to a specific location can limit your living options. Do you go to the gym or have a weekly activity you participate in? This may need to change depending on where you move to. 

If you’re still working, your job opportunities may be limited as well. Depending on your personal schedule and resources, it’s important to take into consideration that your new home may not provide you with everything you need.

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