Moving Dishes

If you’re in the middle of a DIY move, you’re probably wondering what the best possible way is to get your treasured belongings from your current home to your next one! Even if you’re working with professional movers from a reputable moving company, you might still be handling much of the personal packing yourself. If so, you’ll be the one in charge of making sure certain fragile items--for instance, your dishes--make it to your new home safely. 

Not to worry! We’ll be able to help you perfectly pack your belongings. Your dishes will be completely safe, so long as you follow these tips for the perfect kitchen move! 

  • Assemble your materials. In order to pack your dishes safely, you’ll need to have access to cardboard boxes, packing paper, packing tape, labels, and markers. If you have any particularly special or differently-sized dishes, such as fine china or tureens, it might be a good idea to get a specific box that will fit just that dish. 

  • Start by making sure that each of your boxes is perfectly fortified. It’d be a shame to spend time carefully wrapping up each dish only to find later that when you pick up the box the base falls out! Take the time to tape along each seam with packing tape. The box will be much sturdier, and you’ll be able to better relax. 

  • Line each box with your packing paper, so there’s about a six-inch-deep pillow of paper at the bottom of each box. This will act as a general cushion.

  • Then, wrap each plate individually with a larger square of packing paper. Try to give it about three layers, and tape and label it when you’re done. Stack the plate inside the box. Repeat, for as many plates as you have.

  • When the box is full, use pieces of clothing or cleaning cloths to stick in around the edges. This will help you stabilize your dishes, so they won’t move when the box is moved! 

  • Add more packing paper on the top of the box. Then, label the box with the dishes you put inside, and make sure to note that the box is fragile. Draw an arrow to note which way is up for the box--you certainly wouldn’t want it to go upside-down! 

  • Try not to pack the box too heavily. Test them out as you’re packing them, every so often. Whether you or the moving company will be moving them, if you make the boxes too heavy they’ll be dangerous for both you and your dishes to move! 

  • If you need to pack bowls, serving plates, or other oddly shaped platters, just make sure to stack like with like as much as you can. Otherwise, just follow the above steps and you should be set to go. 

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