When the house fills up with items, old clothing, and furniture, you need to let go of things to free up space in your home again. If you are planning to move, thinning out your belongings can also make the trip a lot easier. In fact, 495 Movers Inc., recommends letting go of some items as part of the long-distance moving process.

But it’s hard to just throw out items that still have a lot of life left in them.

Thankfully, you have the option of donating your goods to one or more charitable organizations that accept many household items. If you are unsure who will want that beloved upright piano or a set of gently used baby clothes, here are a few places to reach out to:

Green Drop

If you have a large volume of items to clean out of your home, GreenDrop is a great organization to call. They offer a unique, GreenDrop Home Clean-Out service, that helps homeowners to sort through, pack up, and remove clothing and household items. It’s all free too.

You can also donate a few items at a time at one of their many drop-off locations throughout the East Coast. Or you can schedule a pick-up of your donations.

GreenDrop accepts clothing and shoes, household items, small appliances, electronics (except tube TVs), and small furniture.

Habitat for Humanity

Got a lot of old building supplies and tools you need to clear out of the shed? Consider contacting Habitat for Humanity about donating these supplies and other household items. They accept building supplies, appliances, furniture, and household goods. You can even donate your old car to them if you want too!

Habitat for Humanity accepts drop-offs at local Habitat ReStores or you can arrange pick-up of your items at home.


You can also donate a wide variety of household goods, clothing, furniture, vehicles, and equipment to Goodwill. This organization has stores located across the US where donated items are sold, and the proceeds used to provide job training and employment assistance to people.

Almost any Goodwill store will accept donations and provide receipts for tax purposes. You can also arrange for free pick-up of your heavy furniture, vehicles, and equipment, like lawn mowers.

Other Potential Organizations for Donation

If you look around you’ll find that there are many organizations willing to accept your donations. They’ll even make it as easy as possible for you by picking up your donations at home. Whether you are clearing out your home, or just moving and storage isn’t a viable solution for those excess items, these non-profit groups and charities will put them to good use:

  • Salvation Army
  • Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) Pick Up Please Program
  • Furniture Banks
  • The Arc
  • Operation Paperback
  • Access Books
  • ReCellular

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