Fall Moving

While it’s true that summer is the most popular time of the year for moving, the fall season just might be the most convenient time for relocating to a new home. After all, moving rates are lower in autumn than they are in the spring and summer, and temperatures are fair and mild—with winter snow and stormy weather still months away. 

At 495 Movers, our professional team of experts is always ready to help our customers make the most out of every move—whether it’s during the winter, spring, summer, or the fall. While we’re equipped to handle any type of move you need to make, we’re convinced that fall is one of the best times for relocation for many reasons. 

Still, as ideal as the fall season may be for moving, proper planning and organization are always necessary for making your next move a success. Here are our top tips for moving in the fall to help you prepare for a great relocation, brought to you by our team of local movers.

Expect to Pay Less—But Stay Flexible for the Best Rates

Winter is the cheapest time to relocate, but fall is the second-best time of the year for great savings on moving services—especially when compared to the peak summer season. Rates are highest over the summer, so waiting for the fall is a great choice for those that have a cost-effective move in mind. Keep in mind that the prices will fluctuate within each month during the fall, and shopping around for the best prices is a good idea. If your moving dates are flexible, try to avoid scheduling your moving company around national holidays like Labor Day, Halloween, or Thanksgiving. Also, avoid moving towards the end of the month, as this tends to be the busiest time of the month for moving.

Dealing With Fall Weather

In the fall, scorching summer temperatures are a thing of the past, and cold, winter storms and snow are still a few weeks away. Fall weather can be excellent for moving, however, weather conditions can fluctuate. Ask your movers how they handle sudden weather changes, and whether you’ll be able to switch your moving date in the case of heavy rain or a storm. Professional movers will know exactly how to handle inclement weather—and should give you a rain check should the weather make moving unsafe or impossible.Sudden temperature drops can also make moving harder if you’re not prepared for them. Plan to wear layers and to carry rain jackets or heavy coats with you, just in case it gets colder than you’d expected. Also, carry an umbrella with you in case it begins to rain. 

Move With the Light

Daylight savings time happens in the spring and also in the fall. If your move is scheduled after we set back our clocks an hour in the fall, make sure to remember! Many people forget about the time change and aren’t prepared for their movers to arrive an hour later than they’d expected. It’s also important to note that getting started early is always recommended for people moving. An early start can help you avoid rush hour traffic and other issues, so taking advantage of the extra hour we get from daylight savings can be an added bonus of moving in the fall.

Clear Leaves from the Pathways

Fall leaves are beautiful—until they become a hazard. If you have large piles of wet, slippery leaves on the pathways between your home and the moving truck, take a moment to clear them. Leaves can be incredibly dangerous to walk on, especially if you’re carrying heavy items back and forth. Make your property safer by clearing them away from the walkways before beginning to load or unload your belongings.

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