Moving to a new place is an exciting time for people, whether it’s for a promotion, a new job, or to be closer to family. No matter what the reasons are for moving, relocating to a new home signifies a time of opportunity and new beginnings. However, moving can also be troublesome if not prepared for properly. Common relocation hiccups—like not finding enough packing material, trying to pack at the last minute, or attempting to book professional movers during high season for moving—can put a damper on the experience and even be the cause of unnecessary stress.

The good news is that moving doesn’t have to be stressful or a hassle. The secret is to plan ahead, become informed as to what can go wrong, and take the necessary measures to prevent these issues from happening in the first place.

It might sound easy enough, but we all know things usually aren’t that simple—especially when it comes to moving. That’s why our professional movers from 495 Movers have taken the opportunity to share this article with you on some of our best tips for experiencing a smooth move—to help you plan a streamlined, successful moving project this year.

Tips for Planning an Easy, Breezy Relocation

While planning out the details might not sound like a lot of fun when preparing for a move, getting organized and making checklists is your key to a stress-free, properly planned, and perfectly efficient relocation experience. By following some of the tips we’ve outlined below, you can rest assured that your move will be a breeze.

  • Start Gathering Supplies in Advance: There is nothing more frustrating than having to pause the packing process because you’re out of packing materials—especially if you’re right in the swing of things and making progress. Once that move-out date is set, start gathering supplies like packing tape, garbage bags, bubble wrap, labels, and plenty of heavy-duty boxes.
  • Labeling Matters: Speaking of labels—you’re not going to remember what is in each box after you have packed away your tenth one. To make things easy on you and your movers when it’s time to unpack, label your boxes by content and what room each one goes in.
  • Inventory Reduction: If you feel like you have too much stuff as it is, then moving is your perfect time to remove the clutter from your life. Take inventory of what you own and determine what you need to keep, and then figure out how to get rid of everything else. You can donate, sell, or give away most of your belongings if you don’t want to just throw them away.
  • Ask Friends and Family for Help: Moving is not a one-person job, so don’t be afraid to ask others for help. Make sure to ask ahead of time so they can coordinate their own schedules. Also, make sure to provide additional incentive. For example, free food and drinks are a time-honored solution in this case.
  • Address Changes: This needs to be done across multiple levels. Make sure you complete a change of address form with the post office so you can continue receiving your mail. In addition, make sure to update your address with your bank, ID, cell phone company, friends, and family, and anyone else that will need to know your new address.
  • Utilities: When coordinating your move, it’s easy to forget about the utilities coming or going. Make sure you have the utilities cut off at your old residence and your new utilities scheduled for the correct day in your new place. Doing so means you’ll have the services you need and not pay more than you need to for services you’re not using.
  • Consider Moving Services: While it’s certainly possible to rent a dolly and a moving truck and complete a move on your own, the hassle is often more than it’s worth. Unless your move is a very small one, consider hiring professional movers to help you move your household for peace of mind and a truly stress-free experience.

Making the Move with 495 Movers

It’s no secret that packing up and starting a new life in a new home can be chaotic and even overwhelming. However, with the help of DMV movers like the ones at 495 Movers, you can relax knowing your transition into a new home is going to be easy, hassle-free, and even enjoyable.

We offer comprehensive moving services to accommodate all of your moving needs and strive for nothing less than complete satisfaction from all of our customers. To help us accomplish that, we make sure that our rates are affordable and that there are no hidden charges or fees in our contracts. If you’re ready to start moving, give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional moving services or fill out our online form to schedule your free quote.