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One of the challenges of long-distance moving is the fact that every relocation is different. Even if you’ve moved several times before, your next move is almost certain to present some unique problems, obstacles, and stressors. If you’re preparing your family or business for a move across state lines, set yourself up for success with the helpful tips below!

Four Tips for Long-Distance Moving Success

1. Work with a professional long-distance moving team.

While some people opt to handle their interstate move on their own, your journey will be much easier if you work with the pros—especially if your move is really far. Here’s why:

·  Professional movers use state-of-the-art technology, supplies, and equipment to keep your move as efficient as possible.

·  Professional movers have specialized staff for each step of the long-distance moving process: planning, packing, and driving.

·  Professional movers offer valuation coverage to insure your items against damage or loss. You won’t have to worry about breaking things by moving them on your own.

If you think you can’t afford to hire professionals, don’t be afraid to request a moving estimate! All reputable movers provide free in-home quotes, and some even offer customizable moving services.

2. Have a back-up plan.

Even if you’re working with a residential or commercial moving company, it’s worthwhile to have a back-up plan for yourself. Think about emergencies like a flat tire, a sick child, or inclement weather, and then make a few contingency plans.

At the very least, have a few hotels in mind along the way, as well as a trusted contact who knows your moving plan and can assist if anything goes wrong. Remember: the farther your move is, the more stress will come from unexpected problems, so plan ahead!

3. Check and double-check.

After your long drive or flight, you’re definitely going to be tired—and the last thing you need is to encounter a problem as soon as you arrive. To make sure your new home or office is move-in ready, double-check the following items before you actually move:

·  You have the correct move-in date.

·  You have all necessary keys.

·  The utilities are scheduled to be turned on.

·  You’ve set up your mail forwarding.

4. Think about storage.

One last item to consider with your household or office move is storage. Many people assume that they won’t need storage, only to end up with the stress and annoyance of hundreds of boxes piled up for weeks on end. Even if you think you probably won’t need storage, it’s a good idea to choose a company that offers it. You never know when your plans might change, and having the option will give you that much more peace of mind.

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Although every long-distance moving project is unique, considering the above-mentioned tips will help ensure that you’re prepared for whatever may come your way. To take the first step today, contact 495 Movers!

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