The task of finding the best Bethesda movers isn't always a simple one, but it is worthwhile. You'll save yourself a big hassle when you pick the company that meets all of your needs and delivers honest service. 495 Movers, Inc. knows how frustrating it can be when your long distance moving company doesn't stand up to the hype. Start the search for local movers near me by keeping a few of these tips in mind!

#1 Look for Local Bethesda Movers!

When you decide you want the best long distance movers, you'll need to find a company that is familiar with Bethesda. This helps ensure a smooth transition, as the Bethesda moving company will know the area and traffic routes better.

#2 Check Out Their Reviews

Many home and office movers post positive customer testimony on their websites. However, you'll also want to do an online search to see if other reviews have been posted on sites, like Yelp. This will give you a broader idea of what positive and negative experiences customers have had with the company.

#3 Screen Them!

Feel free to call the company up to ask them a few questions about their services and rates. You might want to confirm they use licensed and insured drivers. Also, a long distance moving company that transports property across state lines is required to be registered with the federal government and receive a U.S. DOT number. You can ask the moving company for this number and look it up on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website to confirm it's valid.

#4 Get an In-Home Estimate

Request that a moving specialist provide a free, on-site evaluation and price estimate before you pick your mover. A good company will provide you with a written estimate, without pressuring you to pick them. For instance, 495 Movers, Inc. offers every customer a free and accurate, no-obligation price estimate! You won't have any hidden charges to deal with later on.

#5 Compare What Services Are Offered!

Don't hesitate to speak with multiple long distance movers. After all, you should be completely happy with your final selection. Look at their price estimates and make sure to compare what services each long distance moving company offers. Some may have custom crating services, while others offer Bethesda storage options. Pick the one that best meets your needs.

At 495 Movers, Inc. we work hard to give you a great experience. Whether, short or long distance, your transition should go smoothly and easily. Allow us to explain more about our services and features by phone or you can contact us via our online form!