Uprooting your home and moving can be a gut-wrenching transition or a revitalizing new beginning, depending on who you talk to. With help from quality movers, seeing the silver lining is a whole lot easier.

These 3 must-have’s will help you dodge the undesirables and scammers to find moving companies in Maryland that will make your moving experience a positive one.

1.  A History of Excellence

Moving and storage companies with a track record of good work are almost always better than those guys-and-a-truck startups that pop up on Craigslist. Before you fall for deals or cheap talk, dig deeper to make sure your movers:

  • Are A+ rated with the BBB
  • Have ProMover status with the National Moving & Storage Association
  • Offer honest pricing & free quotes
  • And feature reviews to back it all up!

(Yes, we have all these and more)

2.  Materials and Specialty Packing

We developed our business to make moving easier, not just to get people’s stuff from point a to point b. Free, quality packing materials are a symbol of that undertaking, and an essential for shielding your items from harm.

Our Maryland movers go a step further to offer full-service packing, specialty crating, and everything you need to safeguard your most sensitive belongings. These aren’t “perks”; they’re basic courtesy! A moving company that doesn’t have the same level of consideration for your time and money isn’t worth your time and money.

3.  One-on-One Attention

Speaking of courtesy, there’s nothing more stressful than explaining yourself over and over to different staff members of the same team– especially when it’s critical. We get it, and we have a system to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

Having a single manager handling your project ensures that the right information is relayed to everyone involved. If one of those ‘local movers near me’ doesn’t have a procedure for keeping their crew in the loop, run the other way!

Feel free to learn more about our local and long distance movers online, or simply give us a call! You can also fill out our online form to request a free moving estimate and take it from there.