Maryland long-distance movers

At 495 Movers, we understand that a long-distance move can be scary for your children; a new house, new room, and probably a new school and classmates, too. That’s why our long-distance movers in Maryland have compiled the following guidelines to ensure that your move with us is as easy and stress-free for your kids (and you!) as possible.

Before Moving

The best practice you can apply during the moving process is this: include your kids as much as possible.

Explain why you’re moving and encourage everyone to share their feelings. Expect difficulties, especially from your older children, who will dislike leaving their friends behind.

If you’re still deciding on a location, ask for your kids’ feedback. Share your research and visit the new areas or houses together, if possible.

For final goodbyes, host a “See You Soon” party with your children’s friends and consider doing something special (i.e. a memory board to commemorate your old home).

Moving Out

Use this move as a chance to declutter! Get rid of old toys and use our convenient long- and short-term storage options to put extra furniture, out of season items and other infrequently used items away until they’re needed again.

While your 495 Movers crew can do all the packing for you if you wish, let your kids pack their most special belongings themselves (think security blankets, a favorite action figure or beloved stuffed animal). Mark these boxes clearly and let your movers know that you’d like it to be easily available to open when arriving at your new home.

Throughout the move, maintain your regular schedule of meals, sleep, and wake-up times as much as possible.

If you need it, ask for help from babysitters, friends, and family while you’re figuring everything out.

Moving In

First things first: explore your new home as a family! Play a game like hide and seek to take everyone’s minds off the stress of the move.

When unpacking:

  • Unpack your kids’ special-items boxes first
  • Invite your kids to help set up their rooms
  • Include your kids in the unpacking process by giving them special projects
  • Make sure to keep some of the moving boxes! They make fantastic forts for the young ones. Teenagers too!

After unpacking, give everyone ample space and time to settle in. It can take weeks or months for everything to feel normal again. Finally, don’t forget to keep in touch with old friends, family members, and special babysitters!

Follow these guidelines and your long-distance Maryland move will go in the blink of an eye. For more advice about moving with kids, or to get started on your own residential move with 495 Moving and Storage, get in touch with us today! Contact one of our friendly Maryland long-distance movers or fill out our online form to get your free estimate.