Girl with snow

Winter is almost over but we aren't out of the gate just yet—with the help of our Germantown moving company, you can be sure that your upcoming relocation will be streamlined, seamless, and stress-free. To help us create the most efficient moving plan as possible, we've outlined a few winter moving tips so you can do your part in your move. At 495 Movers, we proudly offer premium moving solutions at affordable rates, operating with integrity, honesty, and respect.

Move as soon as possible!

Winter is a slow time of the year for movers, which is why you'll have the luxury of flexible scheduling. This means that you can pick and choose the times that you want your moving day to be and that the roads will be less crowded with moving trucks in the rush of spring and summer.

Keep your walkways and driveways free of snow and ice

It's essential to keep you and your movers safe on moving day. Carrying heavy boxes in and out of your home can be extremely hazardous, especially if slippery. By salting around your home, you are not only protecting the movers working for you but your belongings as well.

Pad your doorways with blankets and cardboard

To keep the inside of your home from being damaged, place cardboard or old blankets down near your entry way to absorb melting slush. This not only prevents slippage and possible harm, but damage to the wood or tile in your home from movers working.

If you're ready to get started with your upcoming winter move with our Germantown movers, contact 495 Movers today to speak with one of our moving specialists. You can call us or fill out our online form to request your free, no-obligation moving estimate.