Unless you're a dog whisperer, you can't simply sit down with your pet for a conversation about your upcoming relocation. Words can't help alleviate the stress of your pet during a move, but there are still some things you can do to make it as easy on them as possible. Moving can often be a confusing time for your cat or dog—with strangers entering your home and handling your items. It can be a little traumatizing and scary for your pet, but with these tips from the Bethesda movers at 495 Movers, you can create a pleasant experience for your pet.

1. Update their information – First things first—update all of their tags or microchips. In the event that your pet is lost during the moving process or runs away out of excitement or confusion, updated tags can help relocate your pet to your new home and reunite them with your family.

2. Overnight/open-first box for your pet – Just as each family member should have an open-first box of their essentials, so should your pet. This box should include food, treats, and favorite toys and blankets to offer comfort.

3. Move as much as you can first – If possible, try to move as much as your household first before you move your pet. Set up your new home while keeping your pet in a quiet space to avoid commotion and stress. Once set up, bring your pet over and help them get acquainted with the new surroundings.

4. Keep your pet with you – Nothing is more calming than family. Choose to move your pet with you in the car—it's a familiar place and he/she will be surrounded by family members he trusts. A pet can quickly become fearful or aggressive even if he or she is docile if being handled by strangers in a confined crate space.

5. Give your pet opportunity to adjust – Taking in the sights and smells around is important for your pet to adjust. But even if they are skilled in walking off leash, the excitement of new surroundings can cause them to act erratic. Keep them leashed in your backyard and supervised in your home or around the neighborhood until they become familiar. The new surroundings may be a temptation for them to explore, so keep a close eye on your pet to prevent runaways.

Pets are like the furry, happy-go-lucky members of our family. Ensuring their safety is as vital as ensuring the safety of your children. If you're ready to get started on your upcoming move, contact our Bethesda moving company today. Call 495 Movers to learn more about our services or fill out our online form to request your free moving estimate.