495 Movers truck

Moving is stressful.  It is a difficult process and it can be overwhelming.

When you want to have a smooth transition, it is imperative that you pick a crew that can help make it a success. You don’t want to deal with an incompetent crew or surprise costs. You want to know that you are going to receive the best service from the best team.

At 495 Movers, we have used this principle to guide our business.  Our goal is to provide only the best service to our customers. Here are some of the ways that our Rockville movers work to deliver your good and unbeatable service:

Simplified Pricing- No hidden fees! It’s true! This is one of the main ways we try to provide our customers with unbeatable service. When we give you our written estimate, you pay that estimate. We don’t add extra fees or costs.

Independent Movers- We have chosen to be an independent mover. We aren’t associated with any van line so we aren’t required to follow any of their costs or restrictions.  This allows us to over the simplified pricing and extra services that enable our customers to have an excellent move.

Uncompromising Values- When we went into this business, we were on a mission to provide our customers with unbeatable service. This mission has continued to motivate us and drive us to yield excellent results.

We know how difficult it is to move which is why we work hard to give you a smooth transition. We have tailored our company to ensure that we continue to provide you with excellent service at a terrific price. For more information about our Rockville moving services and to get your FREE quote, call us or visit our website today!