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Coronavirus Statement

We understand that everyone is very concerned with the potential spread of the Corona-Virus. It is a precarious time to have people in your homes, but it is necessary under certain circumstances. We understand these concerns and are doing everything in our power to limit the exposure of our employees as well as our clients.

On our end, we are not allowing any employees who are running a fever to come to work. We are also looking out for employees who are exhibiting any excessive coughing or other symptoms which may be associated with the virus. It is allergy season, so if the only symptoms are sneezing or runny eyes, that is ok, but we are paying special attention to all employees who exhibit anything other than perfect health. Crews also have gloves to wear as well. In addition, we are encouraging everyone to wash their hands at every available opportunity.

We are in contact with the various buildings and communities that we are working in to ensure that there have been no cases in any of them. We do not want to expose our employees to danger any more than we want to expose our clients. Please communicate with us if you are not feeling well prior to the date of your move or stage.

As of right now, we are continuing to run our business to the best of our ability and in compliance with the various local governments in the communities where we work. We will adjust our business practices based on necessity and the mandates of the government on a day to day basis. We will adjust the move & stage dates of clients based on their personal comfort levels as well with no penalties.

Thank You,

495 Movers, Inc.

Coronavirus Statement

495 Movers, Inc. has been deemed an ESSENTIAL business in the state of Maryland. All moves will continue as planned.

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